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There are numerous ways and places to share your QuickLink.

  • Post your QuickLink in the MyLinkNetwork Directory to be included in the QuickLink Directory.
  • Your LinkedIn profile
  • Business group directories like
  • Anywhere you publish your email address or web site address, such as
    • Email signature
    • Forum and discussion groups
    • Blog
    • Business and personal web pages
    • Other social networks like Facebook
    • Business card
    • Etc.
Use QuickLinks
Invite Marc Freedman, your LinkDaddy.
Invite Stan Relihan, QuickLink creator
Invite others at the MyLinkNetwork QuickLink Directory.
Create QuickLinks
Order your own personal QuickLink URL. Be You.MyLinkInvitation. com!
Make a QuickLink
Publish and share your QuickLink
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