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Branding is critical to be professional and stand out in today's competitive world. The URLs you use reflect YOU and your business. If they're unprofessional, then so are you. 


Do you really want to publish a LinkedIn invitation URL for business executives that are prospects and contacts that is unwieldy, will break if sent via email, and is not secure like: lastName=Westerhouse&

That's 138 characters long! Or do you prefer a meaningless tiny URL that says you care only about quick and dirty work, like:

Now you have a choice. DallasBlue offers you your own personal QuickLink. Make your URLs personal, short, AND secure.  Show the business world you DO care about the quality of work, both in your appearance and  what you deliver to others. 

Here are a few examples:



Does it work? Listen to Lonny Gulden ... and invite him at!

I purchased the QuickLink because LinkedIn wouldn't provide me another allotment of invitations when I requested them. I had to wait two additional weeks. So I purchased the QuickLink and began to send it in lieu of an invitation. I quickly realized that this provided me several benefits.

  1. I could, in effect, broadcast an invitation to some of the Yahoo Groups to which I belong by sending out ONE email with my QuickLInk.
  2. QuickLinks eliminate two of LinkedIn's major criteria used to “rate” membership
    1. No IDKs … if someone doesn't want to connect they just delete my email. In fact, I received an email from one individual complaining that I had robbed him of the opportunity to IDK me.
    2. No “outstanding” invitation penalty because an invitation was never actually issued.
  3. I have now adopted the following strategy.
    1. I only send invitations to individuals I am certain will accept.
    2. I send my QuickLink to everybody else.

I wish I would have known a year ago what I now know!


The fee is only $50. Order your own personal QuickLink address now!

1. Make payment. Include "Personal URL/email" in the payment notes or comments field.

2. Submit your order. In the payment info field or via separate email to specify the following. Click the links for more information.

  • Three requested invitation names in order. Such as "JohnSmith" as part of We'll use the first name that is available. The name should contain only alphabetical letters, numbers, or hyphen and underline characters. Spaces and other punctuation and characters are not permitted. Case is not sensitive.
  • Your LinkedIn first name, last name, and email address. Or you can send us the URL from our QuickLink Maker.
  • Your LinkedIn ID or Key.


Terms: Payment is non-refundable. DallasBlue will assign the subdomain or email address to client permanently for as long as DallasBlue owns and controls the domain and in all cases for a minimum of one year after acceptance of order. The subdomain, assigned URL, email address, or forwarded email address may be changed one time within one year of order. Subsequent changes will incur a $50 processing fee. DallasBlue is not reponsible for and will provide no refund or other relief for any failures or errors, including but not limited to Internet access, domain resolution, DNS operation, web server availability and performance, and LinkedIn changes that result in the QuickLink not working.

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