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Make a QuickLink Invitation

1. Create your QuickLink.

Enter the info below and click Create QuickLink Invitation. First Name and email address must correspond to what LinkedIn has on file for you. Do not use spaces or commas in your name.

If you’d like to keep track of how many invitations are coming to you via this method, set up a dedicated email address for this purpose.

LinkedIn ID or Key (help)
First Name:
Last Name:


2. Test your QuickLink.

You must first create it in Step 1 above!

3. Take your QuickLink.

A. Grab it.

You must first create it in Step 1 above!

B. Condense it

The QuickLink URL is long and unwieldy. Shrink it with TinyURL.

Even better, get a custom personal address for your QuickLink!

C. Publish it.

Post, share, and send it.


Your LinkedIn ID or Key

Your LinkedIn profile URL contains your LinkedIn member or ID or key number, which is a 5 to 7 digit number. To get your LinkedIn member URL:

  1. Go to your LinkedIn home page.
  2. Find the View Your Profile link.
  3. Right click on the link and select Copy Link Location or a similar browser command that copies the link URL. Example URL -
  4. Paste the URL into a text or email editing window.
  5. Copy the number after "key=". This is your LinkedIn member/ID/key number. It's 5444337 in the above example.
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Make a QuickLink
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