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Why would I make a QuickLink instead of directly sending an invitation?

There are many reasons, grasshopper. If you can't send invitations, QuickLinks are your only option, such as in these cases:

  • You've reached the invitation sending limit
  • Your account is restricted.
  • You don't know who's receiving the QuickLink because you're publishing the invitation publicly, to a group, or on a web site.

There are also practical reasons for using a QuickLink.

  • You're not sure if the recipient will connect. That's important if you only have a few invitations left or you're trying to maximize acceptance rate.
  • It's far more convenient. It's a lot easier to copy and paste a QuickLink than run a search, click through several pages, and manually type in names and email addresses for every individual invitation.

Can you make it a one click invitation?

No. Those did exist at one time in early 2007. They resulted in complaints from users (clickers) who didn't realize they were using one of their own invitations to send the invite. The LinkedIn gods were not amused and changed the service to prevent them from working.

Can I use QuickLinks to have several people invite me at once?

No. LinkedIn does not support multiple invitations. However if you register at MyLink500 as a libertine or open networker, you will get a lot of invitations and build your network.

I see how this is cool for open networkers. But what about me? I have 43 connections and only connect to people I know.

QuickLinks are perfect for you too! Don't your important business contacts deserve the same convenience and thoughfulness of QuickLinks? You control how and where you publish your QuickLink. If you maintain a small network, send your QuickLink only to your trusted contacts.

I see that Marc Freedman has a personal message on his QuickLink. Can you make one for me?

Sure. Fees start at $50 to add your own message. Contact us at with your request.

Someone I don't know used my QuickLink to send a LinkedIn invitation that said I was a co-worker at Google. I wish that was true but it's not. What should I do?

Chill, big guy. Accept the invite and move on.

QuickLink users may specify an inaccurate colleague or classmate relationship for various reasons, such as accident, convenience, account restriction, envy, or a bad sense of humor. That shouldn't matter because YOU sent or published the QuickLink. YOU initiated the invitation. The other party is simply processing it.

If you are going to decline such invitations, do not publish your QuickLink publicly, such as at MyLink500 or on your LinkedIn profile.

What happens if LinkedIn changes how they process invitations?

LinkedIn has already changed the syntax and acceptable use of invitations several times. When they change again we'll update MyLinkInvitation accordingly. You will not need to change your QuickLink. Contact us at if your QuickLink does not work.

Why does my QuickLink go to a MyLinkInvitation invitation page and not directly to LinkedIn?

There are multiple reasons. First, MyLinkInvitation needs to ensure your trusted business contacts have the information they need to use your QuickLink This means we have to handle cases where the user's LinkedIn account is restricted and he needs to have your email address accessible.

Next, MyLinkInvitation is designed to make it easy to handle LinkedIn changes. Instead of thousands of QuickLink users changing their link, all we have to do is update the MyLinkInvitation invitation page. You can keep using your current QuickLink through MyLinkInvitation.

Lastly, we are good LinkedIn citizens and comply with their rules. That means QuickLink users should not be surprised by how QuickLinks work. That could result in bad vibes and, dare we say, complaints and further restrictions and changes to LinkedIn invitations.

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