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Are you insulting your customers, prospects, partners, vendors, staff, consultants, and fellow networkers?

You are if you use LinkedIn and ask your contacts to send you a LinkedIn invitation or give out your profile link. You force people to navigate several web pages and manually type in your first and last name and email address. It's like requiring customers to call the telephone company to get your phone number or physically come to your office to buy your service. Do you really expect a busy executive to invest that time and correctly enter all that data? That's no way to gain their trust ... or their business.

With 55 million members LinkedIn is a fundamental part of your business toolkit and Internet presence ... both you and the people with whom you do business or hope to. It's the 21st century equivalent of the Yellow Pages. You need a business-class solution.

Welcome to MyLinkInvitation and LinkledIn QuickLinks. There're the professional, convenient, and personal way to invite your business contacts and open networkers to connect on LinkedIn. QuickLinks encode your personal info and take the user direct to a LinkedIn invitation page. MyLinkInvitation delivers the service and image that you need to represent yourself and your business. It's the least you can do to ensure your success in a hypercompetitive business world where there are millions of other networkers.

  • It's Convenient. Your contacts can send you an invitation in only three clicks with a QuickLink. There is nothing to search and nothing to type. The invitation process takes several seconds, not several minutes.

  • It's Personal. DallasBlue provides you a branded secure URL with your personal or company name instead of a meaningless or unwieldy address with up to 100 characters.

  • It's Professional. When you share a QuickLink you show that you're a considerate and knowledgeable business person, someone people want to business with and have in their network.

  • It's Powerful. DallasBlue provides a range of services to supercharge your LinkedIn neworking, including this site, branded QuickLinks, and a QuickLink directory. We're commited to keeping QuickLinks easy to use and up to date.


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